Carbon-Free Energy From WATER

Over 10 years of R&D innovation in the area of electrolysis, ACT Hydrogen’s custom proprietary process produces more gases, more quickly and more safely, and more inexpensively than anyone else in the field.

Resulting in a tailored fuel that is designed to allow businesses to significantly reduce carbon emissions while remaining cost competitive and potentially realizing other benefits such as monetizing the avoidance of carbon emissions.

SUBSTAINABILITY: The Electrical Future of Hydrogen

ACT will play a large role in facilitating a shift to a sustainable, “Green Hydrogen Production as Fuel” Economy.

Our revolutionary technology provides cost effective green hydrogen production that will solve many vexing issues relating to carbon sequestration that face many large scale industries.

ACT’s patented process is a vital resource for Industries such as Transportation, Manufacturing, Mining, Healthcare, Public Infrastructure Works, and more.

The ACT Green Hydrogen Production Systems are slated to launch in 2022.

  • ACT was organized in June of 2008.

    Advanced Combustion Technologies, Inc. has R&D Facilities located in California, and Corporate Headquarters located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The facilities were identified and built out for engineering, prototyping and technology and commercialization design for our burgeoning new line of products.

  • The Hydrogen Economy is Here.

    The World's demand for power is ever increasing. Fossil fuels, Nuclear ,Wind Solar Hydro-electric, all of them combined is not enough. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the Universe. It is also a source of ENERGY. The Hydrogen Economy brings the world the power that it requires by harnessing the power in WATER.

  • Fastest, Safest, Cheapest, and WITHOUT Transport!

    ACT Hydrogen's Patented Technology is outstanding in it's field by being a solution that delivers hydrogen on-site, extremely fast, safely, and inexpensively.

  • Efficient, low-cost integration with existing infrastructures in a Joint Venture Partnership.

    ACT Hydrogen Power Systems are managed by ACT. Our Partners enjoy the ease of enormous power cost savings, while focusing on their Core Business.


Chaslav Radovich

Founder, President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board

Dr. Kevin Prendiville


Gorton Vallely

Treasurer, Director

Jack Prespa

CEO For Europe, Middle East & Africa

Stephen Saunders

Director IT/Web Media


Robert Plaisted

Chief Science Officer

Alvin A. Snaper

(Posthumously), Technical Advisor, Battery, Coating Technologies, More.


Sean Casey

Legal Council, Patent Attorney, BUCHALTER LAW FIRM