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About Us

Advanced Combustion Technologies (ACT) is focused solely on the development of low-cost hydrogen production technologies that will help accelerate the world’s transition away from carbon-producing fossil fuels. Our innovative team has invested over ten years in the area of electrolysis, securing several U.S. and international patents on novel enhancements to conventional water electrolysis methods. ACT’s proprietary system is capable of producing molecular hydrogen safely and at very low cost. The system’s simple, low pressure process using no exotic catalysts or components offers many advantages over existing commercial alternatives.

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The Hydrogen Economy is Here

The World's demand for power is ever increasing. Fossil fuels, Nuclear ,Wind Solar Hydro-electric, all of them combined is not enough. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the Universe. It is also a source of ENERGY. The Hydrogen Economy brings the world the power that it requires by harnessing the power in WATER.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring creativity, engineering excellence and a commercial mindset to the task of innovation in hydrogen technology. Addressing climate change can only be accomplished by understanding the tools we have today and thinking “outside the box” to create new systems that will have Gigawatt-scale impacts on the world’s energy generation practices. ACT’s most valuable resources are our established body of knowledge and our commitment to innovating and improving on existing systems.

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