Here are some of the different applications for our HHO Cell


Engine Development
We are working with several different designers on
combustion chambers and rotary engines for HHO.


Syn Gas

Currently we are testing post mixing of HHO and small
amounts of CO to produce a burnable syn gas, which would
provide low cost fuel for existing engines and power plants.





HHO Separation

We are currently working with 2 separate technologies for the separation of the Oxygen and Hydrogen, which will allow us to produce tanked Hydrogen and tanked Oxygen for many
different applications including fuel cell technology.















Oxygenation and Hydrogentation of Water

It has been brought to our attention that the water that has
run through an electrolysis system is being harvested to produce
Oxygenated Water for health benefits including cancer treatment.

The same is true for Hydrogen Water, with astounding health benefits
being documented by universities and researchers.

We are looking more in-depth into this application.





It is our belief that oxygenated water can be used for many
different fertilization processes and applications
such as the cleaning of algae in pools, fountains, and aquariums






Solar Maximization
ACT has been visited and had multiple conversations with an
existing Solar company that are interested in marrying their solar
power to our hydrogen cells. The idea is to use solar energy to produce gas to run a power plant when the sun is not able to produce the power.





Geo Thermal
There are discussions on the possibility of feeding dormant oil wells with CO
and HHO to capture the earths heat, which would produce hot air to run a turbine
on the surface. This energy would produce both electrical power and syn gas using our cell.