This nascent hydrogen segment explains it in terms of energy intensity and utilization. Valery Miftakhov from ZeroAvia, developers of zero-emission powertrains for aircraft powered by hydrogen, says aircraft have much higher energy intensity and utilization than cars. As such, they should be the focus of attention for hydrogen backers.

In an article for Aeronautics Online, Miftakhov compared intensity and utilization rates for cars and aircraft, in other words the portion of the vehicle’s weight dedicated to fuel and the amount of time it spends in motion. Cars, he said, have an energy intensity average of some 2 percent and energy utilization rates of about 5 percent. A Boeing 737, on the other hand, has an energy intensity average of close to 40 percent and a capacity utilization average of 40 percent, spending about 10 hours daily in the air.

from oilprice article arguing hydrogen for long range passenger jets is the real opportunity.