“advanced combustion technologies, inc. is developing technologies to advance the hydrogen industry into the next generation of power..”

Advanced Combustion Technologies, Inc, was founded in June of 2008 has been a Research and Development Company creating the World’s most efficient Hydrogen Electrolysis Fuel Cell.
Our development has resulted in the securing of more than a dozen patents and other additional intellectual property. This work was carried out by the Company’s I.P. Attorney firm, Buchalter & Associates, headed by Sean Casey, a former Premier Patent Attorney for eight years at The Boeing Corporation.

The first install of The Company’s Technology “Micro-Grid”, will located at TRM Manufacturing in Corona, California.

This Initial Phase Micro-Grid will provide at least 5 megawatts of power and up to 6.2 megawatts of power based on the advancements of our technology at this time.

Intermediate-range development in process at the Company is Micro-Grid development with Capacities exceeding 100 mega-watts and higher, in order to service critical-needs infrastructure such as hospitals, large scale manufacturing , mining, smelting, solar farms and other large corporations with heavy power needs. The Company has interest from Fortune 500 Companies and other Players to develop and operate existing Power plants, as well as provide for future needs in order to create new electrical grid solutions for the Planet.