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A New Era of Hydrogen Fuel Production

At ACT, we are pioneering groundbreaking hydrogen production technologies to usher in a new era of clean, renewable fuel.

We are stewards of the Environment

investing in cutting-edge R&D and facilities providing the sophistication required to optimize fuel cell performance. Partnerships between industry, academia, and government facilitate innovation. With a science-based approach using modern tools and expertise, we can usher in the next generation of fuel cells to meet our growing need for reliable and renewable power. The time for advanced fuel cells is now.

Using state of the art technology to produce the next generation Fuel Cells

Fuel cell technology has immense potential as a clean energy solution. To realize this potential, it is crucial we leverage the most advanced scientific knowledge and engineering capabilities. State-of-the-art technologies enable higher-efficiency fuel cell designs, cheaper manufacturing, and enhanced durability.

Rigorous Fuel Cell Testing

  • A properly designed and implemented fuel supply system
  • Mechanical integrity, which generally involves written procedures, proper design, testing, commissioning, and validation of materials


A Decade of Innovation Makes Green Hydrogen Production More Efficient and Affordable

At our company, we are pioneering the development of revolutionary HHO combustion engines that will transform transportation and electricity generations. HHO, also known as Brown’s gas, is a powerful mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gases that unlocks superior engine performance and reduced emissions.


What We Offer

We are working with several different designers on combustion chambers and rotary engines optimized for HHO. The results so far have been astounding. Vehicles running on HHO combustion engines have shown increased horsepower, torque, and miles per gallon. This is clean power that supercharges your driving experience.

HHO engines virtually eliminate harmful emissions, including carbon monoxide, unburnt hydrocarbons, and particulate matter. This allows vehicles to comply with the strictest emissions regulations with ease. You no longer have to choose between performance and sustainability – you get both with HHO.

With various patents awarded and pending, our HHO technology is poised to disrupt the internal combustion engine market. We invite you to join us in test-driving the future of clean transportation. Experience the power of HHO yourself and see why it is the only sensible path forward for engines.

Contact us today to learn more about investing in or licensing this game-changing HHO technology. The future of driving has arrived.

100% renewable and clean - only emits water

Fuel cells offer an ultra-clean energy solution, as they produce electricity through an electrochemical reaction using hydrogen and oxygen. The only byproduct fuel cells emit is simple water vapor, so they generate power with zero harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Fuel cells can run on pure hydrogen sourced from water using renewable electrolysis. This makes them a completely renewable technology when coupled with green hydrogen production. With greater efficiencies than combustion engines, high reliability, quiet operation and scalability from small to large applications, fuel cells provide sustainable energy without pollution. As a zero-emission technology, fuel cells are critical to transitioning to a 100% renewable and clean energy future.

Increased energy independence and security

Achieving greater energy independence and security has become a key priority. By developing domestic energy sources, expanding renewable energy, and promoting efficient energy use, we can meet more of our country’s energy needs while relying less on imported oil. This increases our energy security and insulation from global energy price shocks. It also reduces our trade deficit and frees up funds to be invested elsewhere in our economy. Energy independence boosts our national security, economy, and resilience. With smart policies and technological innovation, we can tap into our nation’s abundant energy resources right here at home.

Higher efficiency than traditional combustion engines

Hydrogen offers significantly higher efficiency when used to power electric vehicles and generate electricity compared to traditional combustion technologies. Fuel cells convert hydrogen’s chemical energy directly into electrical energy with 60% efficiency or more, versus combustion engines which operate around 20-30% efficiency after accounting for waste heat. This translates into 2-3 times more miles per unit of hydrogen versus gasoline. And because electricity is so much cleaner than internal combustion, hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles reduce local air pollution. Hydrogen can also be used in gas turbines and engines in combination with carbon capture for low-emission power generation at enhanced efficiencies. With higher utilizations of its stored energy, hydrogen provides more bang for the buck while helping transition away from inefficient, polluting combustion.

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