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After 15 years of intensive research into fuel cell technologies, Advanced Combustion Technologies, Inc. recently achieved a major scientific breakthrough that challenges conventional theories on hydrogen extraction. Through iterative material science advancements and electrochemical optimization, ACT’s engineering team developed novel protocols that leverage a revolutionary advancement in electrolysis techniques to split hydrogen from water molecules at a fraction of the energy input previously thought possible.

Specifically, ACT’s proprietary hydrogen extraction process drastically lowers the free energy change required per mole of H2 gas liberated, surpassing conventional Gibbs free energy requirements by an order of magnitude. This disruption is made possible by capitalizing on electrolysis methods that allow more efficient electron transfer at nano-scale catalytic surfaces immersed in aqueous solution. In turn, less voltage and electricity is wasted driving the hydrogen evolution reaction.

By tackling one of the key inefficiencies in fuel cell systems, ACT is poised to provide quantum leap improvements in making clean hydrogen energy commercially viable. The company’s scientific rigor and persistence in researching electrochemical systems at the molecular level has resulted in an innovation that breaks previous thermodynamic barriers. This advantage in hydrogen production efficiency could accelerate global adoption of fuel cells for transportation, power generation,
and energy storage applications.

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