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About Us

ACT Hydrogen’s talented and dedicated team of scientists, engineers, and industry developers is leading the company into commercialization. Under the guidance of proven entrepreneurial leaders, ACT Hydrogen has assembled a group committed to bringing innovative clean energy solutions to market.

By leveraging the expertise of experienced professionals across various disciplines, ACT Hydrogen is poised to transform the energy landscape with breakthrough technologies including fuel cell vehicles, power generation, and energy storage.

The company’s strategic vision and capable workforce position it at the forefront of enabling the global transition to renewable energy and a sustainable future. ACT Hydrogen’s people-focused culture and steadfast dedication to innovation drive progress toward real-world de-carbonization and emission reductions.

Our Core Team

Board of Directors

Chas Radovich

Chairman and CEO

Kevin Prendiville

Corporate Secretary

Jack Prespa

President-Europe, M.E., Africa

Operations Team

Robert Plaisted

Chief Science Officer

Stephen Saunders

Director of Operations, IT/web/Media

Michael Relph

Senior Project Engineer, Michigan

Advanced Combustion Technologies, Inc. Advisory Board

Gene Johnson "HydroGene"

Hydrogen Industry Pioneer

Judd Boyer

Hydrogen Technology Innovator,
H2 Nation Magazine

Jorey Bernstein

Business Development
and Capital Markets

Leroy W. Delisle

Business and Manufacturing Development

Alvin Snaper

Advisor, Scientist, Legend

Industry Development Partners

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